How does it work?

Findout’s indexing and machine learning technology is unique. It combines the latest in natural language processing and Big Data.


Highly sophisticated semantic analysis allows it to search around industry sectors, geography and subject matter.


By combining artificial intelligence with the latest advances in data management, it can monitor hundreds of millions of reports.


The platform finds, analyses and organises information more efficiently and productively than ever before.

What will you get?

Findout will give you access to an exceptional range of data.

You can choose to focus on reports, statistics or sources.


Reports will help you:

  • - understand & analyze different sectors
  • - spot key players in the marketplace
  • - focus on specific intelligence

With statistics, you’ll be able to:

  • - identify the main indicators for a sector
  • - map its key figures
  • - identify actionable data series

Meanwhile, sources are selected by our analysts for their authority and industry expertise.

What will it achieve?


Your organization will work more effectively and perform better.

With rich, actionable intelligence, you’ll be able to generate sharper analysis - make smarter decisions - save time


You’ll notice real improvements in your team’s productivity.

Findout’s smart tools make it easy to save searches - share insights - collaborate effectively.

The platform includes alerts as standard. You can be sure you’ll never miss any key information.

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