Leverage Industry Knowledge

Extract the signal from the noise.

Findout uses Data Technologies to provide Market and Competitive Intelligence services more efficiently.

For 15 years now, Findout has developed its own proprietary indexing and machine learning technology to allow you to quickly access data and gain insight into market dynamics, opportunities and new competitors.

Our team use Artificial Intelligence combined with Big Data to continuously monitor hundreds of millions of reports which are created daily.

By analyzing and indexing this large quantity of data Findout empowers your organisation to work effectively with rich and actionable intelligence allowing you to generate more analysis, make smarter decisions and save time.

Leverage Industry Knowledge

Gain Understanding

Easily explore large volumes of industry reports and datasets. Zoom in on rich metadata to get more specific insight into a niche segment, company, technology or market.

  • Key Players
  • Industry Organisation and Supply Chain
  • Industry Drivers
  • Major Trends
Leverage Industry Knowledge

Get Actionable Data

Spot key indicators to enable your data-driven decision-making.

  • Industry data: market forecasts, market sizing, price trends, price forecasts, production volume, trade data…
  • Extracted facts : M&A, new product launches…
  • Key economic indicators
  • Track competition
Leverage Industry Knowledge

Build and Share Knowledge

Enhance your team productivity by breaking down silos and by sharing insight across your company.

Leverage Industry Knowledge

Start Easily

Get started immediately with no set-up. Access your data no matter where you are.

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Gain Insights. Engage clients. Compete better.

By combining Big Data and Artificial Intelligence,
Findout turns market intelligence into market leadership.

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