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29 Septembre 2018 Stay ahead of the game with 1.8 Million new exclusive forecasts

Findout has just introduced 1.8 million exclusive industry forecasts. They've been developed by our team of analysts and will help you stay ahead of the evolution of any industry. Agriculture, automotive, telecom or pharmaceutical, discover the future of more than 300 sectors.

See the forecasts now
9 April 2018 The most accurate research thanks to more industry indicators

We know that our clients' most important goal is to understand specific industries better. Findout's latest update allows you to filter your search with more indicators and helps you detect the key aspects of an industry in a matter of seconds.

Discover them here.
29 March 2018 Findout doubles the number of sectors covered by its statistics database

The Findout team continuously works on delivering the best solution and we are proud to announce that the platform has doubled the number of sectors covered for the statistics!

Access a broader range of information and datasets now.
5 January 2018 New Insights thanks to exclusive Industry Rankings

Industry rankings from our team of economic analysts are now available. By analyzing specific indicators for major industrial sectors, Findout gives you access to the latest trends and updates released weekly.

Easily gather insights into growth markets and developments
9 November 2017 An interactive approach for datasets

Found the right dataset? Play around with it and access all the information you need! Choose your visualization, review the key figures by scrolling over the data, download it as an image or in an Excel’s up to you !

Save time thanks to our latest interactive tools
28 October 2017 Is China the new world power?

Now more than ever, as a central player of global economy, China is strategic for business development. We are happy to announce that the China National Statistical Office is now part of our sources, giving access to thousands of new dataseries focused on China.

Find the freshest/latest figures based on key Chinese economic indicators
28 September 2017 Major sources of Data and statistics added in September!

Must have sources Statistics Canada and US Census Bureau have been added to our unique collection of content along with thousands of other sources this month.

This content will enhance our depth of coverage on key topics, vastly expanding our strong North-America coverage.
15 September 2017 Power of AI drives your discovery

Enhanced search suggestions are now integrated into your workflow.

Uncover results and research areas you might otherwise have missed!
04 September 2017 A new Data and Statistics page

Data results have been improved to help you identify the most strategic information

  • Visualize the dataset source and when the previous & next refresh is due
  • Browse per sector, indicator or country
Get access to reliable and authenticated data knowing you have a view on the quality and freshness of our information.

28 August 2017 Findout welcomes Buddecomm to our growing family.

For more than 20 years, BuddeComm has developed an unrivalled understanding of telecom markets with a coverage of 200 sectors and 50 technologies. This puts our firm in a unique position to deliver comprehensive insights and reliable predictions about future markets.

Get unmatched insights that will help you mitigate risk and capitalise on new opportunities.

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