32nd SCIP Annual SCIP International Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 15-18 May, 2017

32nd Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition

The theme of SCIP 2017 conference will be "Developing and Engaging the Modern Intelligence Workforce"
Join us to discuss questions such as:

What are the skillsets required for preparing an individual for the intelligence profession?

How can you, as a practitioner, ensure your toolbox of skills remains relevant for the future?

What is the composition of a modern team and how do you manage outputs?

21st SCIP European Summit

Prague, Czech Republic, 7-9 November, 2016

21st Annual SCIP European Summit

In keeping with the theme of ‘Collaborative Intelligence,’ the Summit will center on the rise of a community-based intelligence structure that harnesses collaboration in order to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and impact.

CiMi.CON Evolution 2016

Berlin, Germany - June 27-28, 2016

CiMi.CON Evolution 2016

CiMi.CON Evolution is an annual international knowledge and project exchange platform, that brings together over 150 Competitive and Market Intelligence professionals for exchange and networking.

Join us to discuss key industry topics, share knowledge and new technologies to improve Competitive Intelligence in an increasingly complex business environment. As a partner, Findout will participate in the World Cafe Roundtable Session, an unique opportunity to exchange on your key challenges.

Perfect Information 2016

Luton, UK - Monday, May 16th, 2016 - Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Perfect Information 2016

The annual PI Conference attracts the lnformation and knowledge industry's most influential players and key decision makers. The key profile of the delegates at the PI Conference is senior information, knowledge, library and market data managers from the leading city firms (banking, legal, professional services and supplier-side).

Findout will be moderating a topic table where information professionals can exchange their own views on : "The impact of new data technologies on knowledge managers role".

31st Annual SCIP International Conference and Exhibition

Orlando, US - May 16-19, 2016

31st Annual SCIP International Conference and Exhibition

How can technologies and IT drive the implementation of Competitive Intelligence as a decision making tool. The SCIP community of business professionals builds and shares expertise on strategic intelligence, research decision-support tools and processes.

Findout's presentation will cover key topics on current trends in the information industry and an overview of the solutions offered by artificial intelligence technologies.

8th International Competitive Intelligence Conference

Bad Nauheim, Germany - April 19-22, 2016

8th International Competitive Intelligence Conference

The Institute for Competitive Intelligence organises Europe’s leading Competitive and Market Intelligence conference. The watchword is “Shaping the future through Market and Compe­titive Intel­ligence”. During two days, you will meet your peers, share experiences and get a grasp of the stakes of Competitive Intelligence.

On Day 2, at 10.00 am, Nicolas Bombourg, Managing Director at Findout, will present insights on how Artificial Intelligence empowers Competitive Intelligence tools. This session will be both theoretical and practical. This will be illustrated by showing how Machine Learning brings context when it comes to identifying information about companies.


At Findout, we believe Data Technologies help professionals to get unprecedented understanding of what's going on in their industry: key trends, new technologies, moving competition…