In telecoms,
finding a signal is everything.

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The challenge

Telecoms is awash with information. Average revenue per user. Churn rates. Market share. Mobile penetration. There are countless ways to view the sector.

build up an holistic, up-to-date picture

The first challenge is to build up an holistic, up-to-date picture that uses the right information for your business.

normalize the data

The second is to normalize the data so that you can compare information and make decisions based on firm foundations.

Our answer

Findout is a searchable platform that enables decision-makers to monitor their customer and industry landscapes, track their competitors and identify business issues including new launches.

compare different sets of data

All the information we provide is normalized, so you can easily compare different sets of data. Plus it is easy to share internally as our platform saves and categorises data in country-specific folders.

able to pinpoint the statistical and regulatory information

What’s more, your team will be able to pinpoint the statistical and regulatory information they need as Findout searches all online data from third-party agencies.

The result

Our platform is driving bottom-line cost and time savings of up to 20% for some of the leading names in the telecoms sector, but its benefits aren’t just financial.

«Thanks to Findout, we identified opportunities and threats that we wouldn’t otherwise have recognized. Now, we’re supported by their platform, we can identify acquisition targets, pinpoint competitor activity and share information about new deals.

These insights are making a real difference to our business.»

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Gain Insights. Engage clients. Compete better.

By combining Big Data and Artificial Intelligence,
Findout turns market intelligence into market leadership.

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