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legal firm case study

The challenge

It’s no longer enough to provide exceptional counsel. Leading law firms now need to be commercial advisers, with in-depth knowledge of their clients’ industries and challenges.

closer client relationships

A leading international law firm asked us to help enhance their insights to build closer client relationships and a stronger new business pipeline.

gain ongoing content for tenders

Their challenge was to gain ongoing content for tenders, plus thought leadership material that would engage clients and prospects.

Our answer

We took the time to understand the firm’s growth objectives, information workflow and resource constraints.

quickly access up-to-the-minute information

The firm relied on subscriptions and ad-hoc research reports with their library answering up to 50 requests a week. Our data platform let their team quickly access up-to-the-minute information on hot topics across key industries.

quality assure all our sources

Importantly, we could quality assure all our sources helping protect the firm’s reputation. Our analyst team check data and all our insights are collated from leading consultancy and industry sources which provided vital peace of mind.

The result

Since implementing our solution, 15 researchers across the firm use Findout daily for internal research requests.

ensured the firm has stayed ahead in spotting industry changes

This has helped identify new business and ensured the firm has stayed ahead in spotting industry changes and client development opportunities.

users can access sources quickly and effectively

In addition, our searchable platform means users can access sources quickly and effectively, enabling them to spend more time on the value-added analysis Partners expect.

It’s too soon to assess the final financial benefits of our searchable platform.

But given the average cost of a one-off premium research report is $4000, the cost saving to date is between 15% and 20%.

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